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Herc LLC’s structural foam products made with HercuLean™ technology can replace wood in boatbuilding, transportation and recreational vehicles, and many other applications.

HercuLean technology

Made of proprietary closed-cell foam, products made with HercuLean technology do not splinter and are resistant to ultraviolet rays, moisture, mold, mildew, rot, and insects.

HercuLean™ Structural Foam & Composite PanelsHercuLean structural foam

HercuLean is the structural foam core at the heart of our line of structural foam products.  This innovative, high-density, closed-cell material can be used as foam alone or made into composite panels using a variety of laminate skins available.  HercuLean can replace wood and other materials in a variety of applications while being 2-3 times lighter. Learn more about HercuLean.

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