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Nomaflex expansion joint filler has been installed in commercial, residential and DOT applications throughout the US since its introduction in 2015.

Its primary purpose is for use as an expansion joint filler for concrete sidewalks, driveways, curb & gutters, medians, roadways, concrete ditches, retaining walls and other concrete structures. It can be used as a form, especially where curves or radii are required. It can also be used with or without joint sealant.

This gallery of installations supports the physical property testing as completed through the national AASHTO APEL program. The APEL data substantiates the benefits of using Nomaflex as an alternative to the currently specified materials. View ASTM D8139, the new standard specification for semi-rigid, closed-cell polypropylene foam.

“I think you have a winner with this product. Yes, besides being easy to work with, after a couple of weeks the concrete "turns loose" of the top edge of the expansion joint material leaving a clean job. With the asphalt type, you had to scrape the over pour off. With Nomaflex, you just sweep clean!”

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