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Have a product performance dilemma? Need a custom foam solution?

Nomaco’s technical development team thrives on assessing problems and creating custom solutions with extruded foam. If you have not yet had experience with our products or foam materials, you may not realize the range of performance that can be achieved. For decades, we have been creating custom foam solutions for Fortune 500 companies in many industries including automotive, consumer products and bedding. We like challenges, so contact us today!

Please note, custom foam orders require truckload quantities.

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Foam Applications

We produce custom solutions for customers across a myriad of industries. Below are applications for which our foam products are particularly well suited.


A young woman's feet sticking out from underneath her duvet

With the ability to provide soft or firm support, our foams are ideal for various comfort applications in the furniture, bedding, consumer goods, gymnastics and physical therapy categories. We can tailor our formulations and softness depending on the desired cushioning and end-use application. View Home Furnishings | View Fitness & Recreation

Impact Protection

Dropping cardboard box marked fragile

Our foams have excellent cushioning properties and can be used to protect and minimize impact in packaging, recreational facilities, play yards, racing, general sports and many other areas. We have helped many customers drastically reduce product damage by developing custom foam packaging solutions. Contact us today to discuss your own custom foam packaging solution or browse our site to see existing products.  View Packaging | View Fitness & Recreation


a splash wave isolated on white background

Because of the cellular structure, our foams are much lighter than water and make ideal flotation devices. They can be used in various applications such as oil spill containment, life vests, pool toys, ship building, swim boards, and much more. View Oil Containment

Vibration Management

fast race car on road

Nomaco foam materials can be used for sound absorption and noise vibration management in cars, recreational vehicles and boats. View More



Our open-cell and closed-cell foams are used in the construction of bridges, highways, high rise buildings, sidewalks, modular homes and log homes. Our full line of backer rod and flat profiles are commonly used in expansion and contraction joints prior to sealing in order to control sealant depth, prolong sealant life, and to control the harmful effects of moisture intrusion. We also produce gaskets to inhibit air infiltration in modular and log home construction. View Construction Products

For details on the materials we use and ranges of performance across many technical metrics, as well as compliance with established testing standards, please refer to our Material Selection Guide. View Material Selection Guide

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