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Nomaco's foam products are used in a wide range of markets and applications. In some cases we produce the end-use product, in others we supply critical components that contribute to the performance of the final product. We and our customers have benefited from this vast experience base, which we continually draw upon to fuel the development of next-generation materials, technologies and products.

An area in which we continue to lead the industry is the development of foam materials that reduce environmental impact. For more information, please click here.

Please visit the pages below for detailed information on our foam products.

Structural Foam

Nomaco's structural foam products made with HercuLean™ technology can replace wood in boatbuilding, transportation and recreational vehicles, as well as load bearing pallet runners and many other applications. We currently offer structural foam panels and composite panels.


Nomaco’s engineered foam materials are designed for use in construction applications across commercial, residential, municipal, civil and industrial projects. Our extensive product line includes materials that are used as concrete forms or as fillers for concrete expansion and contraction joints almost anywhere concrete is used including driveways, sidewalks, roadways, airport runways, bridges, curbs and medians. Nomaco foam products are also used as gaskets for sealing windows and doors.


As the first US manufacturer to develop extruded PE packaging profiles, today Nomaco manufactures a wide variety of profiles to protect products and components during storage and shipment. Our offering of various profiles, rounds and custom planks includes a comprehensive range of commonly used diameters, thicknesses and densities.

Fitness, Recreation & Other Products

Nomaco foam materials are appropriate for use in an almost limitless range of applications and markets. We have extensive experience in the development of high performance products for use in markets including agriculture, appliances, automotive, health & fitness, insulation, marine, packaging and recreation.

Home Furnishings

Nomaco’s expertise in foam extrusion and complex profile design has helped manufacturers strengthen their position in the highly competitive bedding, juvenile bedding, pet bedding and furniture markets by reducing weight, cost, labor and complexity to ultimately improve the look, feel and performance of their products.

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