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In addition to insulation, construction, home furnishings and packaging products, Nomaco foam materials are appropriate for use in an almost limitless range of applications and markets. We have extensive experience in the development of high performance products for use in agriculture, appliances, automotive, health & fitness, insulation, marine, packaging and recreation. Depending on your requirements, chances are good that we already have an item available that is perfect for, or adaptable to your needs.

For large volume situations, we can also develop a custom foam solution. Our team of engineers like to work in close collaboration with customers during a custom development project. We take a holistic approach to ensure that we fully understand your objectives, needs and requirements, with the goal of delivering turn-key solutions that exceed expectations. We are committed to environmental responsibility, which we build into the design of every product we produce. To learn more about custom development or applications for our foam, visit our Custom Solutions page.

Following are some markets and applications for which we have standard products available, and the expertise to develop customized solutions. Contact us for additional information.

Fitness Rollers

image55Nomaco is the leading US manufacturer of fitness rollers. We have a full line of premium quality rollers to meet the needs of consumers and therapists. Our rollers are used to improve quality of life by enhancing range of motion, relieving lower back pain, aiding in balance and stability improvement and helping in the regeneration of muscle tissue. Nomaco rollers are customizable in color, length and diameter.

Agricultural Frost Protection

image57Every year, cold weather and unwanted pests create damage to trees, seedlings and crops, resulting in significant losses for farmers. Our agricultural foam product can be wrapped around a tree trunk to help reduce or eliminate plant damage or loss.

Oil Containment

1460When oil spills occur on waterways, containment systems are put in place to minimize the amount of oil dispersion that can pollute shorelines, fish populations and other natural resources. Nomaco extrudes polyethylene foam logs that serve as the core flotation element of these containment systems. The use of these flotation devices helps concentrate more oil in thicker surface layers resulting in faster recovery and reduced damage to the environment. Nomaco foam logs do not wick or absorb water, are compliant with the 1990 clean air act, and have superior buoyancy compared to “fence” style oil boom products.

Small Tubes

image59Nomaco has developed a core competency over the years as the leading US manufacturer of small diameter extruded polyethylene tubing used in medical, appliance and automotive applications. Our expertise in the production of small tubes allows us to provide high-quality and low-cost products that provide long-lasting, dependable performance.

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