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Did you know that Nomaco was the first US manufacturer to develop extruded polyethylene packaging profiles? In the decades since we began to serve this market, Nomaco has become known for its quality foam packaging protection. Today our company manufactures a wide variety of profiles to protect products and components during storage and shipment. Our offering of profiles, rounds and custom planks includes a comprehensive range of commonly used diameters, thicknesses and densities.

Our foam solutions reduce packaging, labor and freight costs and provide protection from denting, scratches and breakage. We frequently develop customized foam packaging solutions, leveraging in-line processing that can eliminate the need and additional costs of secondary processing steps. Our foams  have intrinsic performance characteristics that are ideal for packaging and protection including:

Edge Protection Xtreme™

blue edge protector foam with reinforced center
EPX – Edge Protection Xtreme

Our polyethylene foam packaging profiles offer reliable, cost-effective protection against damage to components or finished products. One example of our custom development capabilities is our XtremeTM reinforced edge protector profiles which are designed specifically to protect sharp edges from breaking through the packaging material. These products are designed with an extra layer of high performance material engineered into the foam profile where it is needed most.

Green profile with reinforced center
NomaGreen EPX – Edge Protection Xtreme

Nomaco also offers biodegradable and bio-based polyethylene foam formulations.  Our NomaGreen formulation was the first biodegradable PE packaging foam in the market. NomaGreen can be incorporated into edge protection profiles, custom packaging solutions, plank, OEM components or any other packaging solution we offer. For more information on NomaGreen formulations, click here

EZ Clip™ Profiles

U-shaped foam for edge protection
C-Clip Edge Protector

Nomaco standard polyethylene foam profiles are commonly used in edge and corner protection applications.  One example is our EZ Clip profiles which are designed to go on products with ease and offer clipping action to stay in place securely.


white round foam

Nomaco rounds are commonly used as packaging or converted for a wide variety of uses in many different markets.  Our standard product offering includes 2” thru 6” diameter and various lengths.

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