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Isoflex™ is a closed-cell polyethylene foam isolation joint and expansion joint filler used in concrete construction.

The convenient, pre-perforated tear-off strip incorporated into the product makes it easy to create a void when using cold-applied sealants. Isoflex is particularly ideal for isolation joints accomodating different horizontal and vertical movement between the pavement and a structure.

Video: Isoflex – When you need more flex than Nomaflex


isoflex product with handIsoflex (formerly branded as Flat Rod) extends the service life of concrete by acting as an insulator in isolation joints and expansion joints, while acting as a bond-breaker for sealants.

Isoflex is an ideal choice for concrete isolation joint filler applications around footings, foundations, structures, and curved or round bases and posts.  Typical projects include walkways, parking decks, curbs and gutters, concrete slabs, swimming pools,  and driveways.

This product is is a closed-cell polyethylene foam joint filler and is available in continuous lengths in wall thicknesses of 1/4” through ½” and widths from 1” through 6”.

If you need something that is a bit more rigid or you are looking for a product that combines flexibility and rigidity to be strong enough to be used as a form, learn about Nomaflex®

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