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foam expo logoNomaco, a leader in the development and extrusion of custom foam products, is introducing a new structural foam capability at Foam Expo 2018 in Novi, Michigan. Nomaco’s HercuLean™ is a structural foam core that can replace wood in many applications.

“Nomaco developed HercuLean to provide tremendous strength in a lean, lightweight material,” explained John Maynie, Nomaco’s vice president of Business Development. The resulting material, an ultra-dense structural foam that has excellent weight-bearing capabilities while being made up of 84% air, will be featured in Nomaco’s booth 306 at Foam Expo.

Made in America, the air-like HercuLean core is available in different density ranges and can be combined with a variety of laminate skins to create seamless composites specific to a customer’s requirements.  These seamless panels eliminate the need for joints, thereby simplifying the manufacturing process and decreasing labor with no epoxy joint filling or sanding required.

HercuLean structural foam and composites made with this material are resistant to water, mold, mildew, rot and other elements that commonly break down wood. Plus, the smooth, closed-cell foam structure of HercuLean is easy to handle, doesn’t splinter and makes the product up to three times lighter than wood.

Unlike competing foam or core products, HercuLean structural foam is not brittle and has excellent screw retention.  It can also be cut, routed, laminated and thermoformed, fitting into standard manufacturing processes.

“We see great opportunity for HercuLean in a wide variety of markets, particularly in applications where lightweight and seamless solutions are desired, like the Marine/RV markets and transportation,” said Maynie. “Think about the labor savings and increased efficiencies if one seamless 8’x30’ panel made with HercuLean Technology can replace eight standard plywood panels used in a boat floor or bus ceiling. This is a really exciting product.”

In addition to the markets noted by Maynie, Nomaco has applications for products made with HercuLean technology in the industrial Storage and Construction industries. Visitors to Foam Expo 2018 are invited to stop by Nomaco’s booth (#306) to see HercuLean in person.  Learn more about HercuLean.

Established in 1979, Nomaco is a recognized leader in the design and extrusion of performance engineered foam products and components for a wide range of markets including construction, packaging, home furnishings fitness & recreation and more. Nomaflex® and HercuLean™ technology are two of the company’s newest innovations. 


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