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Nomaflex® is an engineered foam joint filler that outperforms asphalt impregnated fiberboard and sets a new standard for concrete expansion joint fillers. It is a semi-rigid, closed-cell polypropylene foam that simply performs better and installs faster.

Plus, the innovative Nomaflex Cutter tool enables concrete installers to easily trim Nomaflex on the job site or pre-score a removable 1/2” void for use with sealants. This saves labor and money by eliminating the need for an additional void cap system.

How do we compare?

Nomaflex is lightweight, it does not break and has no waste.
photo of deteriorating fiberboard in contractor yard
Asphalt-Impregnated Fiberboard is heavy and breaks easily, resulting in 20% waste.

ASTM D8139

ASTM D1751


Physical Property Comparison

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