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Are you ready for a more innovative glass protection solution? Discover PROTEX and experience a better way.

PROTEX is the only custom reinforced edge protection foam extruded with an innovative polyethylene lining that provides extra protection where it is needed the most. PROTEX foam is recyclable and reusable and is ideal in applications such as architectural glass, shower glass, decorative glass and windows on commercial buildings.


See What Protex Can Do

PROTEX is a smarter and stronger solution from an industry leader in glass protection:

  • Custom profile is tailored to your glass edge protection design
  • Reinforced channel is smooth, resilient and non-porous
  • Engineered and designed to prevent punch-through
  • Lightweight yet durable design won’t stick to surfaces
  • Able to withstand multiple drops
  • Mold and chemical resistant for long product life
  • Simplified packaging to replace costly and complex packs

What’s your profile?

While we offer standard glass edge protection foam, what makes PROTEX unique is its ability to have a profile custom designed to protect the fragile edges of your glass. We leverage in-line processing to eliminate the need for a foam fabricator, saving you time and labor in the packaging process.

Make the switch to PROTEX and get an edge.

To learn more about custom glass edge protection solutions, call Brian at 513.444.5549 or fill out the form below.

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