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ReRUN runners are set to transform, or ‘transfoam,’ how industrial materials are stacked, handled, transported and delivered. Made from lightweight yet highly-durable structural foam, RERUN never splinters, rots, or molds; and it's not prone to warping or cracking. It’s easy to handle and is 100% reusable. Plus, its smooth, one-piece construction enables you to maintain a cleaner and safer workplace.

Rethink the wood runner. Envision a stronger, lighter and simpler solution. Transfoam your operation with RERUN.



ReRun completely transforms the everyday handling of industrial materials. Here’s why:

  • Supports up to 72,000 pounds, or the weight of 10 full-size pick-up trucks
  • Stronger and up to 75% lighter than wood runners
  • Won’t deteriorate over time, delivering consistent value
  • Custom designed to desired length and foam density
  • Works across a range of materials and applications
  • Reduces labor costs, and environmental impact
  • Provides environmentally friendly recycling program – Reuse then Recycle



ReRun is ideally suited for industrial operations that handle and transport:

  • Sheet metal
  • Lumber
  • Plastics
  • Glass

Get ReRun runners and experience a smart alternative to wood!

To learn about ordering, pricing or HercuLean technology, call 800-345-7279 or complete the form below.

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