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With low thermal conductivity and vapor transmission rates, Imcolock and Imcosheet polyethylene foam insulation boast excellent thermal, physical and chemical-resistant properties across a wide range of high and low temperatures. These products are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and can be buried underground. Imcolock and Imcosheet can be used with plumbing systems, chilled water or air conditioning lines, as well as large diameter piping, tanks and vessels.

Imcolock is a black, pre-slit polyethylene foam tube that features pressure-sensitive adhesive with easy-release tabs on both seam surfaces for simple installation. Imcolock is available in a wide range of thicknesses and inner diameters.

Imcosheet is available in a range of thicknesses up to 2 1/2” and can be ordered as 36”x48” sheets or 48” wide x 50’ long rolls. This foam sheet insulation is available in black or white.

Imcolock/Imcosheet products are made in the USA and meet the following certifications/specifications:

  • ASTM C 1427, Type 2, Grade 1
  • New York City OTCR #13-09
  • Meets USDA Requirements
  • ASTM E 84 1″ 25/50-tested according to UL 723 and NFPA 255
  • Complies with requirements of CAN/ULC S102-M88
  • Specification Compliance ASTM C 1427, NFPA 90 A/B.
  • Sound transmission co-efficient = 11 at 1″ per ASTM E 90
  • City of Los Angeles, General Approval, Research Report RR 8316 (Imcolock only)
  • Dade Co., Fl., Product Control Approved, Acceptance #95-1215.08 (Imcolock only)
  • UL94 HF-1 File #E147665 (Imcosheet only)
  • UL723 File #R-22380 (Imcosheet only)


Polyethylene Insulation R-Values

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